Bolsa de Investigação: ARDITI-OOM/2017/003

Job: Methods and implementation on Blue Growth sectorial development in Madeira;

Job/Fellowship Reference: ARDITI-OOM/2017/003;

Main research field: Environmental science;

Sub research field: n/a;



Job summary

Within the scope of this PLASMAR Project (MAC/1.1a/030), OOM-ARDITI is looking for an Environmental Scientist (Bachelor level or equivalent) with expertise in environmental risk assessments and management of marine systems.

Job description

PLASMAR Project (MAC/1.1a/030), financed under the Interreg MAC 2014-2020 Programme, aims to support the development of standardized methodologies for Maritime Spatial Planning and to facilitate the implementation of MSPD 2014/89/EU. The project intends to apply state of the art scientific methods for planning the development of sustainable maritime activities and the conservation and management of the marine environment and habitats. In this context, PLASMAR proposes to develop environmental impact assessments for each maritime sector (e.g. aquaculture, blue energy, maritime transport) and integrate them in a holistic approach to marine environmental management.

Within the scope of this project, OOM-ARDITI is looking for an Environmental Scientist (Bachelor level or equivalent) with expertise in environmental risk assessments and management of marine systems.

The candidate is expected to develop and apply an ecosystem approach to assess and promote Blue Growth within multiple sectors associated with the marine environment. Thus, the candidate will contribute to develop management plans that balance maritime sector development and environmental protection, supporting socio-economic growth and ensuring environmental services. The candidate will assess the current understanding of the Blue Growth development and future needs in Madeira marine and coastal areas in the context of the EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD).

The successful candidate will join the Madeira Unit of MARE - Marine and Environmental Sciences Centre (MARE-Madeira), located at Quinta do Lorde Marina, Caniçal, Madeira. The research team of MARE-Madeira has broad interests and formal training in marine biology, community ecology, marine biogeography and invasion biology and their research is focused primarily on marine benthic communities.

Responsibilities include:

  • Evaluation of Blue Growth and EU environmental legislation and implementation in Madeira;
  • Compile data on analysis of actions & requirements of the EU environmental directives in marine and coastal areas (e.g. MSFD, WFD, Natura 2000 Network);
  • Analyses of data & information availability, current and potential data holders/providers, in the scope of Maritime Spatial Planning;
  • Contribute and supply data to the central node of MDI4MSP and connecting with already developed Madeira Spatial Data Infrastructure;
  • Evaluation of environmental and socio-economic indicators impacting the marine environment;
  • Data analysis and reporting.

Admission Requirements

The ideal candidate will have a Degree in Environmental Sciences (or other related field) and previous experience in the following areas:

  • Data collection and handling databases;
  • Environmental management;
  • Proficiency in Portuguese and Spanish languages for communication with stakeholders and partners (required);
  • Fluent in English for reports and scientific outputs;
  • Experience and participation in previous EU projects is preferred;
  • Strong communication and collaboration skills;
  • Prior work on databases is preferred;
  • Previous experience in environmental EU legislation implementation is preferred;
  • Prior experience with dissemination activities.


  • Perform literature research related with specific topics;
  • Selection of descriptors and indicators for environmental monitoring and human activities;
  • Data management;
  • Develop training and capacity building to local stakeholders;
  • Write reports and contribute to other written outputs.

Scientific guidance and workplace

The work will be coordinated by João Canning-Clode (PhD) and Ignacio Gestoso (PhD) at the Madeira Unit of MARE - Marine and Environmental Sciences Centre, in Quinta do Lorde Marina, Caniçal, Madeira Island (Portugal).


12 months


745.00 €/month tax free - ARDITI research fellowship (BI - Licenciado) monthly maintenance stipend and regulations are determined by ‘FCT-Fundação para a Ciência Tecnologia’ (

Evaluation criteria

The following evaluation criteria will be applied:
FS = QA + EP
FS – Final Score
QA – Qualifications
EP – Experience


5 points – Degree in Environmental Sciences (or related field)
5 points - Experience in Environmental management programmes
4 points - Experience with data collection and database handling
3 points – Proficiency in Portuguese and Spanish (oral and written)
2 points – Previous experience in Environmental training activities and familiar with European environmental policies
1 point - Fluent in English (oral and written)

Selection panel

  • João Canning-Clode
  • Ignacio Gestoso
  • Carlos Andrade

Application contents

  • Motivation Letter (emphasizing the candidate’s adequacy to each evaluation criteria)
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Degree certificate

Anouncement of the results

Via e-mail.

Application submission and deadline

The application is to be submited by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. until the 26th April 2017.


Vacant posts: 1
Type of contract: Other
Job country: Portugal
Job city: Caniçal
Job company/institute: ARDITI


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