CEEC Institutional Project

The commitment to knowledge constitutes a central aim of the program of the XXI Constitutional Government and the National Reform Program, reflecting the importance that scientific employment assumes in Portuguese society. Investment in knowledge, as demonstrated in the last forty years in Portugal, is an essential pillar for the success of the scientific and technological development of a country and must be translated into a public policy unequivocally oriented towards stimulating the growing affirmation and recognition of advanced qualifications. and the employment of human resources at the national and international level, in line with the importance of teaching and research activities. Attracting and retaining qualified human resources, including encouraging the opening of employment opportunities and the development of professional career paths for doctorates, together with the promotion of the rejuvenation of human resources of the entities that make up the National Scientific and Technological System (SCTN), are fundamental purposes of Portugal's commitment to knowledge. This project funds the hiring of 2 PhD researchers for ARDITI.

Project Designation:   CEEC INSTITUTIONAL
Program:   FCT
Start Date:   01/10/2019
End Date:   31/01/2026
Total Budget:   757 680,00 € 
Funding:   757 680,00 € 
ARDITI Budget:   757 680,00 € 
ARDITI Funding:   757 680,00 € 
Partners:   University of Madeira


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