Bolsa de Investigação: ARDITI-OOM/2016/014

Job: Biodiversity databasing and underwater biological sampling;

Job/Fellowship Reference: ARDITI-OOM/2016/014;

Main research field: Biological sciences;

Sub research field: Biodiversity;



Job summary:

In the scope of the project OOM (M1420-01-0145-FEDER-000001- Observatório Oceânico da Madeira), OOM-ARDITI is looking for a Marine biologist/technician with knowledge on Madeira Marine Biodiversity, particularly the biological communities associated to Madeiran subtidal habitats.

Job description:

The Ocean Observatory of Madeira (OOM) was created in 2014 as an autonomous research unit hosted by Agência Regional para o Desenvolvimento da Investigação, Tecnologia e Inovação (ARDITI) with the main goal of promoting an Excellence Centre, catalysing opportunities at regional, national and international level, with a multidisciplinary team dedicated to scientific research, innovation, education and public outreach within Marine Sciences and Technologies. OOM profits greatly from human and institutional resources existing within the Autonomous Region of Madeira, with emphasis on higher education, research institutions, companies and governmental agencies with relevant activities and competences in marine areas.

In recent times, oceans and seas are facing severe pressures resulting from numerous anthropogenic activities. Moreover, coastal areas are facing high levels of urbanization and the introduction of man-made marine infrastructures is changing marine ecosystems. Madeira Island is no exception; tourism and urban development lead to an impressive growth with direct impact on the marine environment. The increased anthropogenic pressure in Madeira Island has placed new and unprecedented demands on the coastal marine resources with the continuous degradation of coastal habitats. The coastline has been extensively altered in the last decades by the construction of harbours, marinas, ripraps, breakwaters, pilings, pontoons, artificial wrecks and artificial sand beaches. Those infrastructures use a diversity of materials, such as natural rocks brought from land or dragged from the bottom, or artificial materials such as concrete, metal or fiberglass and represent an effective aggregating device for marine organisms. However, this aggregating effect remains poorly studied in Madeira.

In the scope of the project OOM (M1420-01-0145-FEDER-000001- Observatório Oceânico da Madeira), OOM-ARDITI is looking for a Marine biologist/technician with knowledge on Madeira Marine Biodiversity, particularly the biological communities associated to Madeiran subtidal habitats. Furthermore, this technician should have a sound experience in sampling methodologies (both with SCUBA diving and ROV’s) and on the development and implementation of a scientific diving programme.

The successful candidate will join an interdisciplinary team, and will help implement a monitoring programme, plan scientific diving operations, assist with sampling operations, and with processing and analysing biological and geographic data. The successful candidate will also train some of the team members in topics such as scientific diving and safety.

Responsibilities include:

  • Plan and supervise scientific diving operations, including the conduction of risk-assessments
  • Assist in the collection of marine biodiversity data using scientific diving techniques
  • Assist in implementing geographical capabilities and public interface to the marine biodiversity database BIODIVMARMADEIRA
Admission Requirements

The ideal candidate will have a Masters Degree in Marine Biology (or equivalent, e.g. Portuguese pre-Bologna Licenciatura), specialized in Marine Ecology and a Scientific Diving Instructor certification, with practical experience in marine ecosystems, particularly those related to Atlantic islands.

Experience conducting scientific diving teams and preparing scientific diving operations;
  • Experience training scientific divers;
  • Expertise in Madeira Marine biodiversity;
  • Scientific diving instructor certification;
  • Experience using different in situ underwater methodologies;
  • Experience sampling different habitats;
  • Technical experience as a ROV pilot/technician;
  • Prior experience in marine biodiversity databases;
  • Strong communication and collaboration skills;
  • Demonstrated strong ability to work independently in a self-directed environment.
  • Assist with the preparation and planning of scientific diving campaigns
  • Assist with the maintenance and repair of SCUBA-Diving equipment;
  • Develop a teaching program for the scientific diving team
  • Conduct and/or supervise the scientific diving operations
  • Assist in data collection, management and databasing, using tools such as relational databases and GIS
  • Conduct risk analysis for the scientific operations and write technical procedures and/or teaching materials

Scientific guidance and workplace

The work will be coordinated by Manuel Biscoito and Mafalda Freitas
Workplace will be at the Marine Biology Station of Funchal (EBMF), Madeira Island


1 year, renewable up to 3 years.


ARDITI research fellowship (BI) monthly maintenance stipend and regulations are determined by ‘FCT-Fundação para a Ciência Tecnologia’ (

Evaluation criteria

The following evaluation criteria will be applied:
FS = QA + EP
FS – Final Score
QA – Qualifications
EP – Experience

5 points – MSc or equivalent (e.g. Portuguese pre-Bologna Licenciatura) in Marine Biology, Biology (or related field of study) and Scientific Diving Instructor Certification;
3 points - Experience working in subtidal environments (scientific diving);
2 points - Ability to maintain and repair SCUBA-Diving equipment;
2 points – Certification in first-aid and oxygen administration;
3 points – Experience supervising scientific diving operations;
2 points – Experience as a ROV Pilot/Tech;
3 points – Teaching/instruction experience and qualifications.

Selection panel

Dr. Manuel Biscoito (MMF/EBMF)
Dr. Mafalda Freitas (EBMF)
Eng. Clemente de Aguiar (ARDITI)

Application contents

Motivation Letter (emphasizing the candidate’s adequacy to each evaluation criteria)
Curriculum Vitae
Degree certificate
Relevant certificates and/or reference letters

Anouncement of the results

ARDITI ( Via e-mail.

Application submission and deadline

The application is to be submited by email to Este endereço de email está protegido contra piratas. Necessita ativar o JavaScript para o visualizar. until the 6th May 2016



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