Bolsa de Investigação: ARDITI-OOM/2016/005

Job: Research Grant (BI) for Marine Aquaculture Species Diversification and Nutrition;
Job/Fellowship Reference: ARDITI-OOM/2016/005;
Main research field: n/a;
Sub research field: n/a;

Job summary:

The Ocean Observatory Madeira opens a Research Grant (BI) at MSc. Degree level, for Marine Aquaculture Species Diversification and Nutrition

Job description:

The Oceanic Observatory of Madeira Project (M1420-01-0145-FEDER-000001-Observatório Oceânico da Madeira-OOM) aims to support and promote Science and Technological Research and improve performance of Madeira´s Marine Research, Development and Innovation Institutions.

In the scope of the project, OOM-ARDITI is looking for Marine Biologist (MSc. level) or equivalent with expertise in marine organism culture and nutrition trials.

The successful candidate will join the aquaculture research group, an interdisciplinary team with the following research topics: aquaculture species diversification, multitrophic integrated aquaculture, physiological impact of environmental and behavioural variables.

Responsibilities include:

  • Selection of species for aquaculture trials;
  • Maintenance of Broodstock organisms;
  • Live feed culture;
  • Selection of environmental parameters and nutritional parameters impacting on aquaculture species;
  • Setting up of experiments;
  • Data analysis and reporting.
Admission Requirements

The ideal candidate will have a MSc. Degree in Marine Biology (or other related field), with work experience in nutrition and physiology trials using marine animals and demonstrate experience in the following areas:broodstock handling;
  • live feed culture techniques;
  • biological sampling of animals and microalgae;
  • design and setting up of marine fish feeding trials;
  • production trials with semi-intensive methodologies.
  • Perform literature search related with specific topics;
  • Culture and biological sampling of organisms, live feed and water quality analysis;
  • Assist in design and perform nutrition and physiology trials using aquaculture animals at different life-stages;
  • Data analyses and report;
  • Participate on the writing of scientific papers.
Scientific guidance and workplace

The work will be coordinated by Dr. Carlos Andrade, Dra. Silvia Lourenço and Natacha Nogueira (Msc.) at the Mariculture Centre of Calheta – Madeira Fisheries Directorate, in Madeira Island (Portugal).


1 year, renewable up to 3 years.


The monthly maintenance stipend for "Bolsa de Investigação (BI): Msc" (980€) and regulations are determined by ‘FCT-Fundação para a Ciência Tecnologia’ (

Evaluation criteria

The following evaluation criteria will be applied:
FS = QA + EP
FS – Final Score
QA – Qualifications
EP – Experience

5 points - MSc. in Marine Biology (or related field of study)
4 points - Experience with larval rearing of aquaculture species (0.0: No experience; 1.0: for each year of experience to a maximum of 4.0 points)
3 points  - Experience with Broodstock management (0.0: No experience; 1.0: for each year of experience to a maximum of 3.0 points)
3 points - Experience with live feed culture techniques (0.0: No experience; 1.0: for each year of experience to a maximum of 3.0 points)
2 points  - Experience with design and setting up of marine fish feeding trials (0.0: No experience; 0.5: for each trial to a maximum of 2.0 points);
2 points - Experience with semi-intensive mesocosm methodologies in fish larvae trials (0.0: No experience; 0.5: for each trial to a maximum of 2.0 points);
1 point - Experience with writing of scientific papers and reports (0.5 for each publication to a maximum of 1.0 point).

Selection panel

Dr. Carlos Andrade (OOM-ARDITI)
Natacha Nogueira (Msc) (OOM-ARDITI)
Eng. Clemente de Aguiar (ARDITI)

Application contents

-Motivation Letter (emphasizing the candidate’s adequacy to each evaluation criteria)
-Curriculum Vitae
- MSc. certificate and digital copy of the thesis

Anouncement of the results

ARDITI ( Via e-mail.

Application submission and deadline

The application is to be submited by email to Este endereço de email está protegido contra piratas. Necessita ativar o JavaScript para o visualizar. until the 15th april 2016



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