GIAQ Project

The project seeks to create an intelligent management platform for domestic hot water systems in service buildings.

Concerns about energy, sustainability and emission reductions increasingly dominate the daily action and strategic plans of companies. This point is particularly important in the tourism sector, where direct contact with the customer requires extra care in approaching suppliers.

Hotels are buildings with a huge ecological footprint. Even with the most basic service delivery, such as overnight stays, there is a great weight in its operation. The consumption of domestic hot water is of particular importance, both because of its cost and the fact that it requires two types of resources in its delivery – Energy and Water. The project aims to create a set of intelligent tools for managing DHW systems that allow a reduction in energy consumption.

Project goals:

Implementation of a local monitoring solution – In order to obtain the data necessary for the development of the algorithms, a monitoring network will be prepared in previously selected hotel units. These local data, together with other high-precision numerical meteorological simulation data, will allow obtaining the necessary information to develop and train models, as well as test the performance of the obtained estimates. Application of numerical meteorological simulation techniques – Different approaches to numerical meteorological simulation will be tested using coupling to models that allow scale reduction. These are intended to reproduce results of different meteorological quantities for any period, past (Hindcast) or future (Forecast).

Project Designation:   GIAQ - Smart Management of Hot Water
Program:   PROCiência 2020
Start Date:   01/07/2021
End Date:   30/06/2023
Total Budget:   531 315,72 € 
Funding:   398 486,79 €
ARDITI Budget:   172 185,23 €
ARDITI Funding:   129 138,92 €
Coordinator:   INTELLIBUILD - Digitalização de Edifícios, Lda.
Partners:   ARDITI, University of Madeira


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This project is aligned with the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDG): 

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