circleFLY Project


The main objective of the circleFLY project is to develop an exploration model for the recovery of organic waste, through the black soldier fly and the application of circular economy principles, in outermost regions. Thus, with the use of organic residues generated in Madeira island, black soldier fly larvae will be produced, and from these, products for animal feed will be obtained directly or indirectly for incorporation in rations.

Project Designation:   circleFLY
Program:   PROCiência 2020
Start Date:   15/01/2022
End Date:   14/07/2023
Total Budget:   1 163 838,90 € 
Funding:   872 879,18 €
ARDITI Budget:   148 244,96 €
ARDITI Funding:   111 183,72 €
Coordinator:   The Tomorrow Company
Partners:   The Tomorrow Company, ACIF-CCIM, Marisland - Madeira Mariculture, Suínosanto, ARDITI


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