BASE Project

This project aims to evaluate, through sensing, the behavior of the banana tree throughout its production cycle. Using information about the location, size of the land, number of existing plants, cultivation conditions, etc., which will allow GESBA to have at all times a set of information essential to its main activity of commercializing the banana product. On the other hand, it is intended, through constant monitoring, using sensors, to identify variables that, in the banana production cycle, decisively influence its growth and, subsequently, to act on these same variables to introduce improvements in the commercialization of the product. product. Finally, and always bearing in mind the need to offer the public a product of excellence, it is essential to intervene to improve the conditions for transporting bunches of bananas. Given the characteristics of our island and taking into account the conditions and places where bananas are grown, the transport of bunches of bananas from the banana tree to the collection point is done manually by the farmers themselves, who, in most cases, carry the bunches on their backs over long distances in adverse conditions. For this reason and as a way of guaranteeing the excellence of the products, the intention is to automate this transport by applying a cable car system that will allow avoiding all this additional effort on the part of the farmers.

The project has three clear objectives:
1) Georeferencing all plots of land existing in the region capable of being used in banana cultivation;
2) Thoroughly analyze the entire banana production cycle using sensors and pilot agronomic studies, which will allow the collection and validation of information (data), which will be transmitted to a centralized data platform, subsequently analyzed and used in the follow-up and optimization of production and monitoring of its quality;
3) Create a transport system for bunches of bananas, from the banana tree to the collection centre, which will make it possible to overcome today's constraints, such as the lack of available labor, adverse weather conditions, and orography of the land that makes transportation difficult.

Project Designation:   BASE - BAnana SEnsing (PRODERAM20-16.2.2-FEADER-01810)
Program:   PRODERAM 2020/IFAP
Start Date:   01/06/2021
End Date:   30/06/2023
Total Budget:   552 541,60 €
Funding:   497 287,44 €
ARDITI budget:   85 963,72 €
ARDITI funding:   77 367,35 €
Coordinator:   GESBA-Empresa de Gestão do Sector da Banana, Lda.
Partners:   ARDITI, ALTICE Labs e Universidade da Madeira 


This project is aligned with the following Sustainable Development Goal (SDG):

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